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🦄: A Startup Valued Over $1 Billion Dollars




At 24, Sonia was given an AMEX and one directive: Open the $14M Tides South Beach hotel.—Done.  At 28, Sonia was commissioned to reopen the $100M iconic Hotel Bel-Air.—Done. At 32, Sonia was brought onboard to open the spectacular $1B Faena District.—Done. At 34, Sonia made one phone call that took a fintech firm from $10M in assets under management to over $5B.—Done.

Sonia is a part of the new generation of xSIGHT leaders that harness the power vision, behavior intelligence, strategy, adaptive insights (AI), and execution to build insulated premium brands (and shattering ceilings in the process).

Sonia’s experience and expertise has created over $6.8B in brand value across luxury travel, lifestyle hospitality, bespoke restaurants, fintech, and thought-leadership personality brands such as VICEROY HOTEL GROUP, SOUTHERN LIVING MAGAZINE, DORCHESTER COLLECTION, INVESTOPEDIA, PROPER HOTELS, GARTNER, FAENA HOTELS, SBE, LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY, WOMEN SALES PROS, SISTAS IN SALES, and BELMOND HOTELS.

Now, Sonia is on a mission to show entrepreneurs, startup teams and CEOs how to leverage human intelligence (HI) and advisory intelligence (AI) to experience a brand-value explosion using simple, clear, and sustainable strategies.

On the personal side, she’s allergic to fear, distractions, chaos, and unfocused momentum. After a deep creative session, she craves sushi and umami foods. To recharge, Ted Baker (Teddy B.) takes her on a hike.



In the fast-paced realm of B2B SaaS, software, AI and high-tech industries, Kim is a visionary who anticipates market trends and proactively adapts to successfully thrive in an AI-driven landscape.

She turned a $1.6M budget into $50M revenue over a 3-year period for a financial services offering.

She increased inbound lead flow by 1200%, with 50% Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) with Opportunities.

And she achieved a #1 Keyword ranking in Google SERPs after just 30 days for a fintech firm that had no traction with content.

Her expertise and experience reflects a commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the intricate game between technology and customer behaviors.

She’s a pivotal figure in shaping the future of sales, marketing, and revenue architecture in the tech world. Her career is a rich collage of innovation, strategic foresight, and transformative leadership, illustrating a professional who’s consistently a step ahead in the digital revolution.

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How Do I invite Sonia and/or Kim To My Podcast?

Now that’s collaborative thinking (and most popular invitation).

You’re likely imagining the impact our thought-leadership will have on your channel: more subscribers, more views, and more new customers.

To book either of us or both of us, send an invitation note below. 👇


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How Do I invite you to speak at our event?

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It starts with sending us an invitation. 👇

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We're A Startup and It's A Struggle To Show Our Investors Traction. Can You Help?


We’ll need to know more about the exact ‘struggle’.

Is your messaging being ignored by the market?
Is your target market on the low-end or high-end?
Is your customer strategy from acquisition to ascension not working?

For the majority of startups the REACH 10X Formula works to solve the majority of these problems.

But in some cases, it requires hands-on help.

Share the details about your struggle below, and we’ll send you a few strategic paths you can take to get traction.👇

What's the process to book a private Reach 10X Experience For My Team?

Such a powerful question!

You want an Experience Led Growth… REACH 10X Formula event specific to your company needs. Yes?

The good news is, you can apply and invite us to curate this experience for you… if you meet these initial terms:

1 / Your 10X goal is focused on exceeding $10M in revenue, you have at least a 12-week window to make this priority, and a starting investment of $200K is beyond worth it!

2 / Your product has a hungry and in-pain-right-now market.

3 / Your team is empowered to innovate and has the funding to implement.

4 / You have the digital foundations in place (Website, CRM, email, sales page, and YouTube channel). 

5 / Your attitude is energized by what’s possible. You see challenges as stepping stones of opportunity. You know that incremental change is detrimental to growth… so you strategically go big! 

If all this sounds like the right direction for you… go ahead and invite us to explore a private event with you. 👇

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Your Brand is incredible! How can we partner together?

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Partnerships can take various forms.
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1 / Joint-Venture revenue sharing of complimentary offers.

2 / Affiliate partnerships.

3 / Cross promotional series.

4 / Exclusive collaborative events. 

5 / Guest contributor to podcast/channel, book, publications, email newsletter, ebooks, and articles.

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7 / Speaker for an event, podcast, live stream, movie, TV, or documentary.

8 / Your ideas. Just share with us below what you have in mind. 👇

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